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Our Vision and Core Values

At Ysgol uwchradd Caergybi, we believe that every student counts. We are committed to creating a an inclusive environment where each pupil is valued and given the opportunity to thrive.

Our vision is centered on empowering every student to fulfil their potential, both academically and personally, so they can become confident, well-rounded and bi-lingual citizens.

We strive for academic excellence, providing an engaging curriculum that challenges and inspires our students and prepares them well for employment, training or further education. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning.

We promote education which extends beyond the classroom. We are dedicated to promoting the holistic development of our students, nurturing their social, emotional, and physical well-being. Through a range of co-curricular activities, sports, clubs and trips.

Our dedicated staff foster strong relationships with students, taking the time to understand their unique circumstances and tailoring their approach to meet their individual needs.

We believe in fostering an inclusive community where diversity is celebrated and all voices are heard. We promote an environment that respects and appreciates different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. By cultivating empathy, understanding, and a sense of belonging, we equip our students with the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

Our goal is to prepare our students for life beyond the classroom. We instill in them a sense of responsibility, integrity, and citizenship. We empower our students to become active contributors to society, making a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

We are committed to empowering our pupils as confident Welsh speakers and ensuring they have equal access to local opportunities. We believe in the power of the Welsh language and its role in preserving our cultural heritage while opening doors to a range of local employment prospects.

We collaborate closely with local businesses, organisations, and community leaders to understand the evolving needs of our region's job market. We align our curriculum, vocational programs, and career guidance services to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and experiences which local opportunities.

Our values

Our core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Pride


We believe in cultivating an atmosphere of respect where every individual is treated with dignity, kindness, and empathy. We foster an inclusive community that values and celebrates unique perspectives and backgrounds. We encourage open-mindedness and a genuine appreciation for diversity. By promoting respect, we nurture positive relationships and a sense of belonging for everyone within our school community.


We emphasise the importance of personal responsibility and accountability in our pupils and staff. We encourage them to take ownership of their actions, choices, and learning. Through fostering a culture of responsibility, we empower individuals to make ethical decisions, demonstrate integrity, and understand the consequences of their choices. By promoting responsibility, we cultivate individuals who are prepared to contribute positively to their community and take on leadership roles.


We believe in nurturing a sense of pride in oneself, in one's achievements, and in being part of our school community. We celebrate the successes and accomplishments of our pupils and staff, recognising their hard work, dedication, and growth. We encourage individuals to set high standards for themselves and take pride in their academic, creative and personal endeavours. By fostering pride, we develop self-confidence, motivation, and a lifelong love of learning. We inspire our pupils and staff to have a positive impact on others and their environment.