Teaching and Learning

Our core aim is to create a supportive learning environment that provides excellent learning opportunities for all of our students.

Our aim is therefore to:
1. Ensure consistency in the high-quality teaching and learning experiences for all of our students.
2. Raise standards of attainment and accelerate student progress.

The school uses the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) which provides a framework which has a strong pedagogical foundation to support a consistent approach to teaching and learning.

The model draws on significant research which identifies what is required of both teachers and learners, in order for them to gain the best learning outcomes possible.

This approach enables us to:

  1. Develop a common understanding and shared vocabulary for effective teaching and learning.
  2. Increase cross-curricular collaboration and sharing of best practice.
  3. Help students engage in more discussion, debate and listening related to learning.
  4. Help students develop a deeper understanding as knowledge becomes more secure.

These 4 areas inform the whole school, department and individual development towards providing excellent opportunities for all of our learners.

We ensure that literacy, numeracy and digital competency provide the foundation for learning across the whole school. Supporting learners' career development by providing authentic contexts is essential to future pathways. In addition, the curriculum will foster opportunities to support relationships, identity, sexual health, well-being and safety and respect.