Holyhead High School building 2


Our Aims for ALN

We are dedicated to providing a fully inclusive education system that empowers every pupil to thrive. Our mission is to create a nurturing environment where needs are identified early and addressed promptly, ensuring that all learners receive the support they need to reach their full potential.

At Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi, we believe in the power of collaboration and student involvement. Our Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are designed to be inclusive, considering the valuable perspectives of our pupils and their parents/carers. We believe that the planning process should be a joint effort, with pupils actively engaged in shaping their educational journey.

Our IDP system places a strong emphasis on tangible outcomes. We set achievable goals for each student, tracking their progress and celebrating their successes along the way. By focusing on meaningful outcomes, we ensure that our provision contributes significantly to each pupil's achievement of their full potential.

Moreover, our new IDP system encourages improved collaboration and information sharing between agencies. We understand that early identification of needs is crucial for effective support. By working together with various agencies, we can put the right support in place to empower children and young people to achieve positive outcomes.

Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is a quiet welcoming classroom aimed at providing a safe environment in which pupils are given intensive support by the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator and a team of learning support assistants.  There is a strong emphasis placed on Literacy, Numeracy and Lifeskills which are all delivered in a caring, calm, and inclusive manner.

All Learning Zone pupils have either an Authority Individual Development Plan or School-Based IDP and are closely monitored with feedback provided to parents during the annual reviews. 

The pupils feel safe, confident and part of a team, all while being allowed to learn at their own pace in a familiar yet appropriately challenging learning environment.