Our governing body is made up of four key groups:

  1. Parent governors are elected by the parents or appointed by the governing body to represent the interests of parents on the governing body.
  2. Teacher governors are elected by fellow teaching staff at the school.
  3. Staff governors are elected from and by the non-teaching staff employed to
    work at the school.
  4. Local authority governors are appointed by the local authority.
    In addition to these, the headteacher is also a member of the governing body.

Governor roles and responsibilities

Our committee members have delegated responsibility to act on behalf of the governing body, except where the governing body, at a meeting, has agreed to delegate a specific function to that individual, group of governors or committee, or where regulations specify that a function is to be exercised in a particular way.

The governing body is expected to carry out its functions with the aim of taking a strategic role in the leadership of the school. A strategic role means the governing body decides what it wants the school to achieve and sets the strategic framework for getting there.

Such as:

  • setting aims and objectives for the school
  • adopting policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • setting targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • reviewing progress towards achieving the aims and objectives

The schools Improvement Plan (SIP) along with the governing bodys agreed policies, provide the strategic framework for the school. Governing bodies are expected to monitor progress and regularly review the strategic direction of the school in light of that progress.

The headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school, and for advising on and implementing the governing bodys strategic framework.

Duties and powers

The governing body has a range of duties and powers in legislation, including the following:

  • leading the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement and behaviour
  • taking general responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • managing the school's budget
  • making sure that the curriculum for the school is balanced and that the Curriculum for Wales is taught in accordance with the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act 2021
  • providing parents with a report every year which includes information about
    pupilsprogress and external examination results, where applicable
  • appointing the headteacher and deputy headteacher and other staff, and
    regulating staff conduct and discipline
  • drawing up an action plan following an Estyn inspection, when required

The governing body shares responsibility with the headteacher and the local authority for making sure that the Curriculum for Wales and the appropriate assessment arrangements are carried out.

ALL complaints or questions regarding the school should be directed through the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Lyn Cyffin :

Community Governors

Cllr Ann Kennedy - Chair

Mrs Alison Doran

Dr Matthew Edwardson-Williams

Parent Governors

Ms Victoria Jewell

Mrs Gillian Thompson

Ms Juliana Sims

Mrs Anna Williams

Ms Elaine Williams

Mrs Claire L Klimaszewski

Local Authority Governors

Mrs Andrea Hughes Vic Chair

Mrs Nia Hogarth

Cllr Jeff Evans

Cllr Keith Roberts

Cllr Pip O’Neill

Vacancy LA Gov

Support Staff Governors

Ms Bethan Eirian Ellsworth Griffith

Teacher Governors

Mr Steffan Taylor

Mr Tristan Griffith

Head Teacher

Mr Adam Williams


Mrs Lyn Cuffin

(Governors can be contacted via The Clerk)