Two students in the playground


Full school uniform is expected to be worn whilst on school site, along with traveling to school and attending any school organised events. 

We fully believe that having all school pupils in a matching uniform helps to create an orderly atmosphere where our learners can concentrate on achieving their very best. It is also our belief that our pupils’ smart appearance leaves a positive impression upon our local community and we ask that all parents and carers support us by adhering to our school uniform policy.

Each key stage has a change in uniform to mark the next step in their educational journey.

  • School Jumper with school badge (can be purchased from Little Treasures Custom Embroidery)
  • Year 7, 8 & 9 - Green Jumper
  • Year 10 &11 - Grey jumper
  • The Sixth Form - Black Jumper 
  • School tie (Years 7-11 can be purchased from local stores, whilst Sixth Form ties can be purchased at school) 
  • White shirt/blouse (Long or short-sleeved) 
  • Black or dark grey trousers/black or dark grey skirts (Girls can wear trousers or skirts) 
  • Black footwear - must be all black however can be a trainer or shoe. 
  • PE kit - unisex shirt and plain black shorts or black shorts
  • Schoolbag that is big enough to fit A4 books/files 
  • Pencil case with appropriate stationary. (Pens/pencils/sharpener/rubber/ruler/scientific calculator)


Our school pupils should arrive at school sensibly equipped for the day.  Please support the pupils and the school by noting:

  • Electronic items, other than mobile telephones for emergency use, should not be brought into school. Mobile telephones, if brought into school, must be switched off and only used during breaks.
  • Bags should be big enough to contain an A4 size folder, exercise books, and equipment.
  • Pencil cases should include pens, pencils, a ruler and rubber.
  • Water; pupils may wish to bring their own or we can supply a bottle that they can fill from the water fountains. Water is freely available from water fountains located around the school site.