Parent Opinions

Parents’ opinions are important in our development as a school. In our recent parental questionnaire, we received the following feedback: 

  1. 86.6% of parents felt their child had settled well when they started.
  2. Over 90% of parents would recommend the school to other parents/carers.
  3. 82.5% of parents feel that their child is being prepared for the next stage in learning.
  4. Over 94% of parents feel that their child is encouraged to have good attendance and punctuality.
  5. 85.7% of parents feel that the teachers are innovative and forward-thinking.
  6. Over 80% of parents learn valuable information about their child at parents’ evenings.

Areas identified as requiring further attention:

1. Whilst the data shows that the vast majority of parents who experience bullying with their children are dealt with well and appropriately, there are still discrepancies depending on the issues. There is a lack of clear understanding from all stakeholders of the procedures and policies in place to prevent bullying within the school.

Our response:

A member of the senior leadership was tasked to look at how consistent our approach was in dealing with bullying across the pastoral team. Discrepancies were clearly evident. In response, a consultation of effective practice procedures was undertaken, and research was carried out to review the best practice available to schools. A 4 step approach was agreed and a parental anti-bullying handbook was published and made available to parents or pupils that experience any form of bullying. This is also available on our Anti-Bullying page.

2. Communication was highlighted as an area for development. Many parents were unhappy in the regularity of our communication and which platforms were being used to share diffrerent types of information. 

Our response:

A member of the senior leadership was tasked to look at how consistent our approach was and then carried out an audit of the type of information that was communicated through our various platforms. We have now formalised our approach by refining our communication policy and produced a parental information booklet on ‘how we communicate’  which will be made available on parent evenings, in reception and on our web page in 'policies'. We have invested in a new website which will be launched in September 2023 and our school newsletter will be released every half term providing an overview of important information which was previously announced on our social media platforms.

3. Inconsistencies were highlighted in the amount and frequency of homework provided within areas of the school. The school needs to clarify or refine its homework policy so that it is delivered as a whole school.

Our response:

A member of the senior leadership was tasked to look at how consistent our approach was, and how homework was communicated. It was evident that Classcharts was the most effective platform to be used but subject areas also found that Google Classroom allowed for easy access to online home learning and was popular amongst our learners. In response, our Homework policy has been updated and will be launched amongst staff in September 2023.