Year 6 Parents


Headteachers Greeting

Activities Week


Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the final activity of our Year 6 induction week. Unfortunately, due to the weather, we've had to move our garden party indoors to the main hall. I hope this doesn't dampen your spirits too much, and that you've enjoyed the week nonetheless.

I sincerely hope your child has enjoyed their time with us this week, made new friends, and gotten to know their way around the school. Due to the management of RAAC this year, we weren't able to provide as many opportunities for our Year 6 students to visit us throughout the year. However, it looks like this week has fulfilled its purpose, and they won't be too nervous about coming to school on their first day in September.

Despite the challenges we've faced and the disappointment of losing large parts of our school this year, we received some good news from council leaders about the development of a new secondary school in Holyhead. This is an incredibly exciting outcome, especially as we were the only secondary school in Wales dealing with RAAC issues this year. This new development is something I believe the town deserves, and your child will certainly play an important part in this journey with us.

By choosing our school, you have placed the responsibility of your child's education in our hands. Our staff recognise this significant responsibility and take it very seriously. Our priorities for improvement align with the government's, which include making sure we achieve excellent attendance throughout the year. We will ensure that we develop confident reading and writing skills in both Welsh and English and continue to advance their numeracy skills. All this with your support of course.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your child has the skills to perform to their potential and to the best of their ability at GCSE level, opening doors to A-levels, apprenticeships, or the workplace. We also recognise that not all our pupils will take an academic route; some may excel with their hands and in creative fields. Our curriculum caters to these pupils, providing relevant experiences in different trades from as early as Year 9, as well as platforms for creative students to develop their skills through design, drama, art, and sporting activities.

Information regarding first-day arrangements and school expectations on uniform, mobile phones, and equipment will be shared with you on our website and social media pages. On our website, this information can be found HERE.

This afternoon is an opportunity for you to meet some key members of our staff. We are here to answer any questions you may have about next year and your child's education. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to working with you and your children as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Mr Tristian Griffiths
Assistant Headteacher and Transition Co-ordinator
Mrs VickyWilliams
Head of Year 7
Mr Griffiths oversees the pastoral support, academic progress and overall management of the process. He introduces himself to primary catchment pupils in September and is the link between primary and secondary throughout the year. Mrs Vicky Williams is the day-to-day point of contact for all things pastoral for pupils and parents. Located in Ystafell Pawb, the Pastoral Team Hub, she is always on hand to ensure that pupils pastoral needs are met. Pupils are introduced to Mrs Williams on their first Transition Day at YUC.


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